Unexplainable by Don Cousins (Bible Study Review)

November 18, 2009

From the co-author of the Medallion award-winning curriculum study Network comes a new book release entitled Unexplainable. Don Cousins grew up in a Christian home then joined Son City in high school and college but got involved in Athletics coaching. However, God made clear his ministry call. Don Cousins spent a cumulative three (3) decades serving the Body of Christ initially as a staff in Willow Creek Community Church responsible for leading ninety (90) ministries for seventeen (17) years. Eventually, Don Cousins ministers to the broader Body of Christ until now through coaching, consulting, teaching, and writing. Unexplainable by Don Cousins– a Christian book, bible study, eight-session DVD, downloadable leaders’ guide or bible study guide are resources which are the results of Don Cousins’ journey in the ministry and relationship with God.

Unexplainable is useful for Christian bible study or any bible study whether adult bible study, group bible study, men’s bible study, women’s bible study or personal bible study which major on spiritual life. You can view Don Cousins’ Unexplainable DVD excerpt or trailer on Youtube.

This Christian book is divided into three parts – Contentment, Success, and Significance. Don Cousins’ premise is that “God is beyond us.” God wants our lives to be unexplainable apart from Him. Reading Unexplainable puts one in a reflective mode where the author engages with one’s spirit, heart, and mind if his life is unexplainable or not. There were many fresh revelations from God downloaded to Don Cousins and imparted to the readers and viewers alike. One will readily smile as he reads the Bible characters and circumstances plus the true-to-life experiences of people close to Don Cousins who have lived a life unexplainable.

If you have lived a life that is unexplainable and you are able to come out of pressing situations, hopeless struggles, serious addictions, or any other circumstance beyond your control only because of God, then you have lived the life Don Cousins is talking about. Is anything too difficult for God? (Genesis 18.14)

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I have a passion to love God above all else. It is my desire to worship Him and to serve Him for the rest of my life. He is my first love. In Him, I live and move and have my being. I am His child, His treasured possession and His ambassador to reach souls for His kingdom. I am currently the Book Reviewer for CBB .God called me to be a Prayer Minister in Healing Rooms and IAHR Online Healing Rooms and connected with Wholeness Ministries and Elijah House.

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