Deeper Connections by Dr. Matt Williams (Bible Study Review)

January 26, 2010

Zondervan releases another dynamic DVD Bible study series that will certainly impact Christianity today. With Dr. Matt Williams as its General Editor and contributor, Deeper Connections is a six DVD series authored and taught by six Bible experts from various universities and seminaries. Each session per DVD were taught by a different professor, each session discussing three aspects:

  1. Historical background
  2. Biblical text
  3. Real-Life Application

Each DVD has six session spanning three hours of teaching set on location in Israel per introduction and filmed on Chicago’s lakefront, Boston’s Old North Church, the California coast, Gloucester Harbor, and Rocky Mountains, to name a few. Here are the descriptions per DVD of Deeper Connections Bible study series:

DVD#1 – The Prayers of Jesus – Prayer is the key to Jesus’ life of power and anointed ministry. Discover what prayer means, God’s character, and a deeper communion with Him.

DVD#2 – The Parables of Jesus- Jesus made use of parables to teach the kingdom of God. Learn about such stories and apply the lessons to your own life.

DVD#3 – The Miracles of Jesus – The miracles of Jesus are the demonstration of God’s Word and power in Him. Realize that such miraculous workings reveal the heart of God, their effect on people, and their relevance in today’s age.

New releases:

DVD#4 – The Life of Jesus – Experience Jesus’ life through His teachings and the events surrounding Him. Drink of His life and be refreshed despite our failures and flaws.

DVD#5 – The Last Days of Jesus – Be reminded of the events prior to Jesus’ death and appreciate His death paving the way for our salvation.

DVD#6 – The Forgiveness of Jesus – Only through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross can we be forgiven and set free from shame and guilt. Receive God’s forgiveness and love He so long offers to us.

Dr. Matt Williams is a professor in Biola University and Talbot School of Theology teaching New Testament and Theology. His ministerial experience includes six years as a missionary professor to the Spanish Bible Institute and Seminary in Barcelona Spain. He also preaches in various conferences and churches in the United States and Spain.

Deeper Connections DVD Bible Study series is a unique bible study because of its creative filming and its substantial and comprehensive presentation of Jesus’ life and ministry on Israel by contemporary Bible scholars. Each DVD has a specific Participant’s Guide to facilitate better understanding of the sessions.

Through teaching, group discussion, and individual reflection, Deeper Connections will usher an in-depth Bible study that is life-transforming. For  a sample video, Zondervan’s Deeper Connections DVD Bible Study series has a video promo excerpt on YouTube.

Want to learn more about this Christian bible study series? Check it out at this online Christian book store.

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